Buttermilk Restaurant

Homemade Southern Goodness

Meet the Family

Buttermilk Restaurant is owned and operated by the Buchanan family.

The building was designed by the patriarch of the family Donnie Buchanan.  Donnie‚Äôs two sons, Derek and Dalton Buchanan, helped with the construction of the building itself.  The idea was to create a place that everyone could go enjoy a meal and still feel right at home. 

Many of the delicious meals are recipes that have been handed down from generations and now rest in the hands of Doris Buchanan.  Doris, the matriarch of the family, prepares most of the meals including the Buttermilk Pie and Buttermilk Biscuits.  Many of the meals that are prepared at Buttermilk Restaurant reflect the regions heritage. 


Other family members that you might bump into while visiting with us at Buttermilk are Deirdre Buchanan Carver and her husband Cameron, Derek's wife Erin and their two children Stone and "Pebbles" and Donnie's Brother, Uncle Buck!

It is our hope that while at Buttermilk Restaurant you feel like part of our family.  We look forward to serving you at our table!